Dainty – An overview

Theme generator

Dainty is a color theme generator with some unique capabilities:

  • Colors are processed and can be defined within the Lab color space
  • The environment for each application is styled for a minimal yet usable look
  • With a unified preset definition, a color theme can be built for each supported application
  • Importing VS Code themes into Dainty presets are supported
  • Creating a preset requires less effort compared to theming an application the usual way
  • Dainty for each application supports configuration using JSON


Dainty Light and Dainty Dark are the default presets of Dainty. They’re balanced and refined color themes using carefully selected colors within the Lab color space. They are designed to maximize readability and reduce eye strain. Dainty also comes with popular themes as presets – such as Night Owl – or even things like the branding colors of Prettier.

Try out different presets on the Preview page.


Design and development by Alexander Teinum.


Dainty is licensed under the MIT License.