Dainty for Visual Studio

Dainty is a color theme generator with support for Visual Studio. It comes with default presets Dainty Dark and Dainty Light as well as popular color themes as its presets.


  • Colors are processed, and can be adjusted, within the Lab color space
  • Punctuation marks are slightly dimmed
  • Left side of the editor is less busy than in the default themes
  • Contrast for scrollbars can be added
  • Transparent environment borders, scrollbar containers, and tool window grip handles can be set
  • Settings for Indent Guides extension can be included
  • Colors can be configured


Dainty Dark (`dainty-dark`)

Dainty Light (`dainty-light`)

Cobalt2 (`cobalt2`)

Dracula (`dracula`)

Night Owl (`night-owl`)

One Dark Pro (`one-dark-pro`)

Material Theme Palenight (`material-theme-palenight`)

Prettier (`prettier`)

Additional presets

Andromeda (`andromeda`)Ardent (`ardent`)Ayu Mirage (`ayu-mirage`)City Lights (`city-lights`)Dark+ Reimagined (`dark-plus-reimagined`)Dark+ (`dark-plus`)Fluent (`fluent`)Material Theme Ocean (`material-theme-ocean`)Material Theme (`material-theme`)Minimal (`minimal`)Mirage (`mirage`)Monokai Night (`monokai-night`)Monokai (`monokai`)Nord (`nord`)Oceanic Next (`oceanic-next`)Panda Theme (`panda-theme`)Pivot (`pivot`)Purple Haze (`purple-haze`)Snazzy Theme (`snazzy-theme`)Timbre (less chroma) (`timbre-less-chroma`)Timbre (`timbre`)Tomorrow Night Eighties (`tomorrow-night-eighties`)


Get it

git clone https://github.com/alexanderte/dainty-vs.git
cd dainty-vs

Build the theme

yarn build -p dainty-dark
Once built, set it up.


  • Tools → Customize Colors → Import Theme
    • Select `dainty.vstheme`
  • Tools → Import and Export Settings… → Import selected environment settings
    • Select `dainty.vssettings`


Dainty can be configured by editing `configuration.jsonc`. The file is generated if it doesn’t exist while running `yarn build`. See Configuration for more information.

Additional extensions

These are some extensions that improve the aestetics of Visual Studio:

To make Indent Guides behave similar to Visual Studio Code, highlighting has to be set to “Current line”. Dainty can be configured to include settings for Indent Guides which both sets this option and all indentation colors.

Better Comments has default settings that lead to uneven spacing. This can be fixed by setting Size Offset to 0 and Opacity to 1. Tokens can be disabled by setting each value to a UUID.

I currently do not recommend using Line Press as its line spacings can be unpredictable. If you are using WSL then you can use font-line to modify the line spacing of fonts. For Fira Code, somewhere around 50% might work.


Design and development by Alexander Teinum.


Dainty is licensed under the MIT License.